Monday, October 18, 2004

Help Stop Sinclair 

This Sinclair shit isn't going away, people--though it's nice to see that Sinclair stock dropped nearly 8% today. Here's the latest plan from StopSinclair:

Thanks to you we have gathered more than 107,000 signatures for our StopSinclair petition in less than one week. On Friday, we brought our interim petition to the headquarters of Sinclair Broadcast Group in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Today, we are asking for your help to make sure that Sinclair doesn't get away with misleading swing states voters.

To counter this $9.9 million dollar illegal campaign contribution from Sinclair Broadcasting Group to the Bush/Cheney campaign we will run full-page newspaper ads on Thursday and Friday to put the spotlight back on the Bush/Cheney record.

We need to raise $65,000 in the next 36 hours to do this.

Donate Today: http://stopsinclair.kintera.org

I'm in for $20. What do you say?


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