Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Here We Go... 

Wolf Blitzer just had a stunning analysis of the debate--get this: that supporters of Vice President Cheney will think Vice President Cheney had a good debate, while supporters of John Edwards will believe John Edwards had a good debate.

Unbelievable, huh?

Look, there's no doubt about it, Edwards kicked major corpse ass in this debate. But the pundits (I'm hearing Scarborough right now) are embarrassed about the last debate and gung-ho to try and spin this for Cheney.

Let's hope and believe TV viewers saw the truth for themselves.

I just heard an MSNBC pundit say clear Edwards victory. (Oops, scratch that--it was Joe Lockhart.)


Update: Well, great! All the pundits--get this--agree with one another, that the debate was--get this--a draw!

Stupid fucking pandering sheep. Edwards kicked major ass. I hope the viewers have the good sense to believe what they saw and heard, not this crap from the chattering holes.

Update: And why are all the signs behind the CNN and MSNBC crews Bush/Cheney signs this time, whereas last Thursday they were all Kerry? Who decides these things?

Update: I truly think there is just no connection between the sounds that come out of the pundits' mouths and what they have observed in reality. After last Thursday, they clearly were threatened with torture and death (perhaps extraordinary rendition) if they called the VP debate for Edwards. There is nothing Edwards could have done that would have made them say anything different. Probably the Repugs consider last week's loss a mere slip-up in their ongoing media pressure-intimidation-coercion campaign.


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