Sunday, October 24, 2004

Kerry Sweeping PA Like a Tsunami 

Hey folks--I haven't been able to post because my laptop can't seem to connect to any of the wireless networks here in the Kerry field office in Allentown, and to my disappointment HoJo's wasn't offering WiFi. In fact, I'm (perhaps inappropriately) writing this from the computer of a field organizer who happens to be away from her desk. I'll have plenty of updates about the GOTV operation in the Lehigh Valley and photos on Tuesday night. (Things are going well here--Kerry's 8 points up in the latest PA poll, and just today, the regional Daily Mail, which endorsed Bush in 2000, published a slamming endorsement of Kerry. It seems to be a nationwide trend.) Perhaps speakingcorpse will treat us to one of his always-enjoyable screeds in the meantime. If not, let's just enjoy the Kerry momentum clearly being reflected in the national polls.


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