Tuesday, October 05, 2004

PBS in the tank, as usual 

An anonymous reader writes:

What was up with the questions by Gwen Eiffel (sp?)???Is it just me or were her questions heavily weighted against Edwards? The subtext was basically:

Would a Kerry victory threaten the U.S.?

What about this "global test" issue, which is an important issue in the election?

What about this "flip-flop" issue, which is an important issue in the election?

Is Edwards part of the problem b/c he's a trial lawyer?

Sen. Edwards, what makes you, a barely experienced Senate freshman, who has little experience - basically a young, inexperienced guy - qualified to be in a position now occupied by Dick Cheney, who we all agree is very, very experienced? And older. An experienced elder statesman.

Sen. Edwards, are you, as a trial lawyer, insulted by Cheney's attacks on trial lawyers? Trial lawyers, trial lawyers. Trial. Lawyers. Lawyers on trial. Terrorists on trial. Terrorist lawyers.

Was it an effort to inoculate PBS from the old "liberal" charge? To be fair, she brought up the Rumsfeld/Bremer criticisms about the war and questioned Cheney about them. But on the whole, I feel like her questions lent legitimacy to a lot of Republican talking points. Paranoia?


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