Thursday, October 21, 2004

Regis: "Don't Hate" 

Scats writes (in reference to another response to his StopSinclair boycott letter, this time from Regis Corporation):

Regis asks Sinclair to not put its ads next to the controversial material and IN THE EVENT THEY DO NOT will pull the ads. Wha? What an utterly phony demand. As though someone can air your ads during time slots you don't want them to. Do they really believe they can run to consumers with that excuse, "Sinclair aired the ads against our will! Its not our fault! Please don't stop buying our shit!"

Regis Corporation does not participate in political or religious activities. Simply put, we cut hair. We employ over 53,000 people, many of whom are paid on commission, and rely on that income to support their families. By boycotting us, you are hurting individuals - our employees and their families.

We have notified Sinclair Broadcasting Group not to air our advertising during or adjacent to any political programming. That is the right thing to do. To take any further action would be inappropriate, and not in keeping with our responsibilities to our employees and our stockholders.

In return, we are asking you to remove our name from your boycott list.

Adding insult to nonsense they practically demand (demand!) that consumers don't boycott them since it will hurt their employees! Putting the culpability and costs of bad business decisions on the shoulders of consumers! I can't decide if this is disingenuous or they really think that is where the moral culpability for a boycott lies (lay? lays?).

Equally incomprehensibly they use this as a pose to appear that they aren't "buckling" to consumer demand. As though they stand for anything else besides profit! As though there's some principle other than profit behind advertising on Sinclair stations! What a cheap idiotic con reminiscent of Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles pulling a gun on himself and yelling, "Nobody move or the nigger gets it!". As though consumer demand isn't their first and last command. "Buckling" to consumer demand is your raison d'ĂȘtre, your alpha and omega, your fucking yin and yang. If you don't want your employees hurt, pull your ads. The market is speaking bitches, and it demands your abject obedience on pain of insolvency.

How hypocritical and sanctimonious these 'captains of industry' get when you make it clear to them that they are the lowest of whores. Like poor pathetic Tucker Carlson in the face of Jon Stewart, "I'm hurting America?! You're hurting America!" These are the same pukes who blather endlessly in tones of mystical rapture about free-market social darwinism, then turn and get appalled and self-righteous at the lack of consumer altruism when it effects their bottom line. As though we should buy shit to be nice to people who make shit we don't want. Apparently the vaunted democratizing effects of free-markets are worth high praise as long as the hoi polloi doesn't get any ideas about voting with its pocketbook. Trade is coercion suckers, get used to it. You lost the moral high-ground a long time ago.

The hater taught hate, that's why we gangbangin' it.


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