Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Still Time to Ante Up 

From the Kerry Camp:

Our first critical deadline is just two days away: midnight on Friday, October 8. It comes just hours after John Kerry and George Bush meet in their next debate. The money we raise this week will guide our decisions about the advertising we can air in the crucial swing states.

Our goal this week is to raise an extra $5 million for vitally important ads. With that kind of support, the Democratic Party will use an aggressive ad campaign to build on the momentum coming out of two strong debate performances.

Help us meet our goal:


Two other deadlines loom right around the corner. By midnight on October 15, we will make final decisions about last-minute investments in swing states, and by October 27, our online fundraising drive must be finished for the money to go to the most extensive get-out-the-vote effort in our nation's history.

Time is short. The stakes are high. It's four weeks of hard work or four more years of Bush and Cheney.


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