Thursday, October 14, 2004

Three Ways You Can Help 

1.) StopSinclair.org would like to see 100,000 signatures on their petition. If you haven't signed yet, do so.

2.) Al Gore is begging for money on behalf of Kerry and the DNC. As you know, there are 19 days before the election. If you haven't given money yet, for Christ's sake do it now!!

3.) And Barack Obama is appealing, via MoveOn, for last-minute donations to three Senate candidates in extremely tight races: Betty Castor in FL, Brad Carson in OK, and Tony Knowles in AK. All three running against nasty, hateful people, all three in margin-of-error-tight races, all three definitely winnable. Your contribution right now can help put them over the top.

Oh, and in case you haven't heard the news, Kos gives a nice roundup of Kerry's 3-debate hat trick:

Debate 1

ABC: Kerry won 45-36

CBS, uncommitted voters: Kerry won 44-26.

CNN/USA Today Gallup: Kerry won 53-37, 60-29 among independents

Democracy Corps: Kerry won 45-32

ARG: Kerry won 51-41

Debate 2

ABC: Kerry wins 44-41

CNN/USA Today Gallup: Kerry wins 47-45

Democracy Corps: Kerry wins 45-37

Debate 3

CBS, undecideds: Kerry wins 39-25. Before the debate, 29% said Kerry had clear positions on the issues, after, that number doubled to 60%.

ABC: Kerry won 42%-41% in a poll that surveyed 8% more Republicans than Democrats. Independen voters thought Kerry won: 42-35

CNN/USA Today Gallup: Kerry wins 52-39. Among independents, Kerry won: 54-34.

Democracy Corps: Kerry wins 41-36

and the polls are moving our way:

ABC News (likely voters)
October 1-3: BC-51, KE-46
October 10-12: BC-48, KE-48
Net shift: +5 Kerry-Edwards

ABC News (registered voters)
October 1-3: BC-50, KE-45
October 10-12: BC-47, KE-47
Net shift: +5 Kerry-Edwards

Washington Post (likely voters)
October 1-3: BC-51, KE-46
October 10-12: BC-48, KE-49
Net shift: +6 Kerry-Edwards

Washington Post (registered voters)
October 1-3: BC-49, KE-46
October 10-12: BC-46, KE-48
Net shift: +5 Kerry-Edwards

If you (like me) suffer from the uniquely Democratic syndrome of Things-Are-Going-Too-Well anxiety, don't worry. Prepare to behold the fury and destruction Karl Rove will be conducting from the shadows. Prepare for typical media-whore cluelessness and capitulation.

But if you get angry, and wish you could do something, and haven't yet donated to the DNC so they can get on the air in every battleground state and fight back strongly, then you really shouldn't complain.


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