Wednesday, November 17, 2004

"Camo Day" 

Hi-lar-o-teee (via AmericaBlog).

The Spurger, Texas school district has nixed its annual TWIRP ("The Woman Is Required To Pay") spirit week day, on which boys dress like girls and, you know, vice versa. This cross-dressing event has (had) a charmingly chivalrous Southern vibe to it:

for years Spurger schools hosted the day during Homecoming Week to give boys and girls a chance to reverse social roles and let older girls invite boys on dates, open doors and pay for sodas.

Charming? Maybe a bit too charming. Like Jimanji, TWIRP is fun for some but not for all:

Plano-based Liberty Legal Institute issued a news release Tuesday reporting that it "came to the aid of a concerned parent requesting an excused absence for her children on official cross-dressing day in her children's elementary school."

"It is outrageous that a school in a small town in East Texas would encourage their 4-year-olds to be cross-dressers," Liberty Legal Institute attorney Hiram Sasser said in the release.


Delana Davies, a 33-year-old mother of three, said she contacted Superintendent Angela Matterson on Tuesday after reading a school notice about "TWIRP Day."

Davies, whose 9-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter attend Spurger Elementary, said she viewed the day not a silly Homecoming Week activity, but as an effort to push a homosexual agenda in a public school.

"It's like experimenting with drugs," said Davies, who also has a 2-year-old daughter. "You just keep playing with it and it becomes customary. ... If it's OK to dress like a girl today, then why is it not OK in the future?"

At last, after years and years of subtle gay infiltration in Spurger, the homosexual agenda's all-too-"pretty" face has finally been unmasked. And the solution? Something everybody can agree with:

After speaking with the Liberty attorney, Matterson agreed to exempt Davies' son and older daughter from attending school on Wednesday. However, district officials later decided to scrap "TWIRP Day" altogether and replace it with "Camo Day," where students will wear camouflage clothing.

That's right--"Camo Day"! When the heterosexual value of killing people, rather than the homosexual agenda of wearing silly clothes, will be celebrated! Some parental responses:

"I don't think it was a liberal agenda," said Stanley, a 35-year-old mother of eight biological and foster children. "I think it was just foolishness, just being funny, being silly, but it opens the door for other things to happen."

"Other things" indeed! However, doesn't "Camo Day" present a similar type of problem?

In Spurger, Davies said she will dress her son in camouflaged overalls and her daughter in a camouflaged T-shirt and denim skirt for "Camo Day."

So, butching up the girls a bit? How safe can this be? One day your daughter's wearing camo, the next day...

In the words of Tom Coburn--um, the junior Senator-elect from Oklahoma--"lesbianism is so rampant in some of the schools in southeast Oklahoma that they'll only let one girl go to the bathroom. Now think about it. Think about that issue. How is it that that's happened to us?"

Now isn't the butching-up of Spurger's young girls only going to perpetuate the lesbianism already so rampant in our nation's gradeschools?

Cross-dressing, or Camo? Folks, I think we've got a paradox on our hands.


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