Monday, November 15, 2004

GOP Celebrates Tolerance 

This is really pretty incredible. Ken Mehlman, Bush campaign chairman and Rove "protege," has been named the new RNC chair.

But the thing is, according to very credible sources, Mehlman is, in the words of James McGreevey, "a gay American."

John Aravosis is asking us to write to Falwell, Robertson and others and ask why Bush has been so quick to abandon his pro-family agenda. Ha!

According to Aravosis, "Mehlman has said publicly that he believes the gay issue is fair game in politics, and he has defended the president's decision to add anti-gay bigotry to the US Constitution."

I can't wait till this blows up in their faces. If the story goes mainstream, look for the usual shills to hilariously scream about the Democrats' hatred, intolerance, and dirty politicking. Thing is, that's not going to satisfy the crucifix-sucking crowd.


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