Monday, November 08, 2004

Important News Information Story 

We need to start paying closer attention to stuff like this.

Dog asks for its supper

A talking dog has reportedly been discovered in Russia.

Yula, a two-year-old Staffordshire terrier, can apparently say its owners' names and ask for its dinner.

Owner Vladimir Lyubaev told Russian daily newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda that Yula started calling his wife 'mama' a year ago.

"He would say 'food mama' when he was hungry and my wife was there, and 'food Roma' when my son Roma was there," said Mr Lyubaev.

"She started saying mama when she was a year old - who knows what she will be able to manage when she is older still.

"Even Russian kids have trouble with the letter 'r', but Yula managed to learn to pronounce it. And she is still very young."

Sceptical journalists dispatched to the village of Kushnarenkovo, in the republic of Bashkiria, confirmed the dog did appear to talk.


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