Monday, November 08, 2004


Dear President Bush,

I have been troubled by the recent news coverage of your mother, Barbara Bush, and feel she may not be receiving fair treatment from the press. Just because your mother looks like a dog, barks guttural nonsense like a dog, ruts in the street and in alleyways with mongrels like a dog, sniffs at and sometimes eats her own shit like a dog, then licks her own nether parts like a dog, then tongue-kisses you after having eaten her shit and licked her nether parts like a dog; in other words, just because she eats shit and garbage, whimpers when beaten with a stick, pants rotten-breathed while smiling mindlessly, and eagerly allows anything on four legs to mount her and spend its exertions upon her, doesn't mean she is a dog. It just means she is your mother, Barbara Bush. Do you see my point?

Thank you for your time and attention, and please pass along my regards.

Your faithful subject,



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