Thursday, November 04, 2004

Open Letter 

Dear "Red State" America,

Yes you, zombified drug-and-Jesus-addled masses bunkered in the corporate wasteland of what used to be a "heartland"--I want you people dead.

You heard me: dead.

Why? Because you've just voted for my death. By re-electing your Bully-Christ, you have made it more likely that I, a dweller in a major metropolitan city, will die in a terrorist attack. You have made it more likely that millions of Blue people in Blue cities across the nation will perish in toxic explosions set off by terrorist bombs. In essence, you have sacrificed us to indulge a pathetic little fantasy.

What fantasy? That you, out there in Shitville, might one day have the privilege of dying as a glorious crusading martyr in the Holy War Against Evil. But you won't. Get it? You won't.

Let's get this straight: you will die of cancer, your bodies ridden with metastatic tumors. You will die in the twisted wreckage of car crashes in lonely interstate highways. You will die of massive heart attacks and stroke, sunk in your couches in front of the television. You will die in dementia, without memory or personality, your brain a shriveled sponge. You will die blind, swollen, unable to breathe, speak or eat, tubes protruding from your windpipe and bowels. You will die, God willing, in your sleep. But you will never die in a terrorist attack.

Did you happen to notice that the World Trade Center was located in New York City? And that almost everyone who died in those buildings, and their families, lived in New York and New Jersey? Did you notice that New York and New Jersey--and Washington, D.C., and Maryland, and Pennsylvania, where Flight 93 went down, all voted for John Kerry? Did you notice that the residents of Boston, and Miami, and Chicago, and Detroit, and Minneapolis, and Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and Seattle, voted for John Kerry? Why do you think this was?

You had a chance to cast a vote that would have protected all of us by electing a man who would have waged a smarter war against terrorism at home and abroad. But instead you voted for a man who sold you a dream, a dream that you could wage war against terror in your heart, a war led by a bastardized Christ and his representative in the White House against bogeymen-infidels.

You chose a dream over my life. For that, I wish you death--the same death that is coming toward you, and has always been coming, and is still coming, and that your Bully-Christ can't protect you from.

You'll get what you deserve--that has never been a question. But the country could have gotten something better, and now it won't.

Fucking idiots.




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