Monday, November 15, 2004

Safire to Die Bitter, Despised 

So Safliar is ending his political column.

Well, that's nice. I wish him speedy terminations of all kinds. What's not so nice is that the fucking bullshit New York Times doesn't once, in this article, attempt to characterize the substance of Safliar's "commentary." It mentiones only that the "commentary" was "provocative and insightful," "delightful, informed and engaging"--and in Safliar's own estimation, "opinionated."

What it doesn't mention is that Safliar's "commentary" was filled with abject lying; and that although he may have once been respected as an "independent" conservative voice, he devolved into the nastiest form of craven Bush administration shill. He disgraced himself, conservatives, and the Times.

Question: will he choke on his own shit now that he has nowhere to publicly force it down the throats of others?


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