Thursday, November 04, 2004

Sarbanes for Minority Leader 

I almost couldn't give less of a shit about who becomes "leader" of the Senate Dems, but why not Paul Sarbanes of Maryland?

a) Enough of this shit with Red-staters leading the Dems. Enough, I say.

b) Sarbanes has a solid record--voted against the Iraq war authorization, for instance.

c) He's not pretty, but he's tough, and can be an asshole when he needs to--a quality we're desperately lacking in. I saw him one time on C-Span facing off with Greenspan at some financial hearing. He introduced himself by basically telling Greenspan he had no plans to kiss his ass like everyone else had been doing.

d) No issues with out-of-state residences (which I understand have become an issue for, ahem, certain senators). He lives in MD, drives downtown to work. What could be simpler?


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