Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Slow News Month? 

Well, it's true that I haven't been reading many of the news information stories being provided to me by the journalistic news media outlets which work so hard to keep me informed about the important news events occurring every minute in my own country and around the world. For instance, I'm not even willing to click on this story to see what it's about:

Brooks: A True Evangelical

and I'd almost rather kill myself than read the first paragraph. But if you'd like to do so (read it, that is, not kill me--though perhaps we can negotiate) please be my guest.

Though I may not be up to date on all the significant goings-on, I do know one thing, and that one thing can pretty well be summarized by this:

Doesn't it send a chill down your spine to look an enemy in the face? But, well, I guess they were right when they said everything changed on 9/11. That picture, by the way, was taken on 9/11. Now doesn't that send a chill down your spine?

Good night, and may God bless each one of you.


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