Friday, December 03, 2004

The Battle for Bethesda 

The Administrator at the Recall site is relentlessly deleting all of our posts, and refusing to explain why he is doing so.

(In case anyone cares, the only time I have ever blocked anyone from AmCop was le chien, after being warned and continuing to leave comments using language that would make Andrew Dice Clay blush. Moreover, he asked me to unblock him, and I did so.)

1. If you do post comments on their message board, make sure to copy it (or use the handy feature that emails a copy to you), because it will likely be deleted--even if there is nothing even remotely offensive in it. And send your comments to me if you want me to post them here.

2. The Administrator is also trying to block us from using the message board. Does anyone know what a "random IP generator" is, how to use one, how to get one? Is there any other method to subvert being blocked from a message board?


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