Thursday, December 02, 2004

Et In Arcadia Ego 

I grew up and went to public school in one of the most affluent, liberal, and well-educated counties in the country: Montgomery County, MD. Our congressional district was the only district in the nation in 2002 to kick out a (moderate/liberal) incumbent Republican and replace her with a Democrat.

Well, it appears that the Christ-killing, gay-bashing panophobic psychopaths are on the march there, too.

They want to recall the county school board because homosexuality can be discussed in sex-ed classes and they show a video about condoms.

If I see any of these folks around town I'm going to plow my car straight into them.

(Thanks to Stand Up and Holla! for the article.)

Update: Any AmCop readers from MC should seriously go to the message board and post some comments:


While razzing fundies may be a pointless activity, it's still fun, and this is our hometown so we ought to reprazent.


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