Friday, December 03, 2004

I couldn't resist 

So I followed Blicero and Holla's lead and posted under "General Comments" on the recallmontgomeryschoolboard.com, I wonder if they'll take it down:

the insidious gaygenda: books/sports

I fully agree with the post of "Ben" below. The gaygenda is everywhere and must be stopped. The School Board's decision is only the latest in a long line of depredations that I was forced to endure as a student.

I looked up on the internets about "Walt Whitman", and it turns out that he is completely gay and unrepentantly wrote poems about it for all the world to see. It is symptomatic of our eroding culture that the liberal university professors try to make us think he is a "great american poet" when it is obvious that they are just trying to insinuate mind terrorism in our children and recruit our kids into gay slavery. And it is so pathetic that the people on the school board try to please these elitists who will only ever be condescending to them when they name a school after a gay activist. They should be fired and try to get jobs at an Ivy League school where they will find out just how much the radical professors really care about them (which is not at all I bet, heh.), or maybe go to Hollyweird where Michael Moore will give them a home in his millionaires gay pervert palace.

But school names weren't the only abuse of public money to further the gaygenda that I experienced at "Whitman". There were many books in the library that were purchased with public money that deceitfully and falsely depicted gay people as acceptable. "The Color Purple", "Brideshead Revisited", "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", "The Iliad" and a lot of things by "Oscar Wilde" were all required reading in some of my classes. Fortunately I spotted the propaganda early and learned to avoid it, but other kids might not be so lucky in the future and might get sucked into the effete literary elitist, "I'm OK, Gay OK" lifestyle that the gaygenda so shamelessly promotes. Even if they aren't in the classroom these books that everyone paid for will still continue to lurk in the libraries until we stand up and do something about it.

I would also like to note a further corruption in our schools being forced on our kids in the form of early sexualization of teenagers. Not only is the wrestling team an obvious front for perverts looking for an easy life-style with no hard work. Young, muscular men, in tight clothes, groping each other in public can only serve to lead our kids away from decent values and into disease and deviance even if they do get a scholarship out of it. Additionally, I remember watching young girls, not even 18, dance during halftime in next to nothing showing off their firm, smooth, nubile, firm, 18-year old bodies and enticing the men in the audience to lustful, impure, pornographic, lustful thoughts. When I was in school it was called the "Dance Team", but really should have been titled "Painted Ladies of Babylon" which would have been more accurate and warned more people as to what was going on.

In conclusion I would like to reiterate my idea that making our kids be "sexy" in this way is going to lead to more pre-marital sex and will end up hurting the family and so America will be weaker. We must stop moral terrorists and smoke them out of their holes on the School Board or wherever they hide, and I suggest that we not only contact Sean Hannity and Joe Scarborough as some in these pages have suggested, but also Bill O'Reilly because He is looking out for us which is what he says in his Book.

Thank you for your time.


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