Saturday, December 04, 2004

No More Cukes 

my personal favorite:

No More Cukes (the REAL issue)

I think the "instructional" video in question poses yet another threat to our children. In a Bethesda Gazette article describing the content of the tape shown in Montgomery County classrooms, a segment is mentioned that features a woman demonstrating proper condom use on a cumcumber.

I think we all can agree that using a cucumber as a stand-in for the male organ is setting up an entire generation of kids for some major disappointment (along with crippling self-esteem issues).

As an intelligent young man who grew up around people who loved me in Montgomery County (I attended Walt Whitman High School many years ago), I was never adversely affected by hearing that there are gay people in the world. I was also even thankful for the sex ed I DID recieve in high school (jeez, most of it didn't even come in that handy until college, so I was glad I paid attention). But I could never have gotten over the scars of seeing an instructor demonstrating the proper use of prophylactics on massive pieces of produce. The shame would have been too great.

Am I troubled by the threat of scary gay people and rampant sex? Not so much. But inflating these kids' expectations so wildly? Let's get our priorities straight, people.
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