Thursday, December 02, 2004

Orange Alert 

[Orange is the color of the opposition party in Ukraine. You may have, oh, heard a story or two about a little overturning of the result of their fraudulent election they've been havin' over there.]

Is the mainstream media (I hate that fucking term. Can I just say "Whores"?)--are the Whores covering the Ohio recount at all? (I'm asking seriously, since I really wouldn't know, these days.)

Well, they're covering it in Britain.

And the People's Action Network sends this:

The judge in Ohio basically said that only Kerry can get the recount going before Blackwell runs the clock out. And that's exactly what will happen unless we all speak out now. Here's a one click page where you can send your personal message on election fraud to the Kerry campaign, the DNC, and the GAO at the same time


Tell Senator Kerry he must act now to fight for us all by joining in the request for a temporary restraining order for which the groundwork is already done. Please post this link everywhere you can to everyone you know.


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