Thursday, May 19, 2005

"Compromise" vs. Smeared Blood & Shit 

Not a new point, but I just cannot wrap my head around this. This is the freaking "compromise"???

At least six Democrats would agree to filibuster no more judicial nominees this year -- including any for the Supreme Court -- except in "extraordinary circumstances," the participants say. In return, at least six Republicans would pledge to oppose Frist's effort to change the filibuster rule unless the Democrats broke their promise.
The compromise is simply that the Democrats willingly surrender the filibuster, rather than having it stripped from them by sheer force. And even this can't be agreed to.

Wow. This is really what things have come to. Half a dozen Democratic senators gnashing their teeth and pulling their hair over the manner in which they will relinquish their last remaining shred of power: to stop the appointment of fascists to the federal and Supreme courts.

This is over, folks. It's Sith time. If these Democratic senators had even a shred of dignity left, they would strip naked, smear themselves in human shit, slit their wrists, and run screaming out onto the Senate floor.

As for the rest of us, what can we do? We can't check this power through democratic means, since elections have been obviated through the corruption of the electoral apparatus. So what can we do?

Oh--and over at Daily Kos they've got crap like this:

Let's Be Clear, Politically Frist's Nuclear Option is Good For Dems

Let's be clear: Frist's nuclear option is good for Dems the way makeup is good for a corpse. A corpse that, incidentally, had been trying to save your life (i.e., before it became a corpse).


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