Thursday, May 05, 2005

Last, pathetic gasps of democracy 

So now John Kerry wants your money for a newspaper ad to try to sway opinion against Frist's immanent use of the nuclear option.

It's decision time. Republican leaders are doing everything in their power to find the votes to pass the nuclear option - and clear the way for Bush nominations of extreme judges that don't need a single Democratic vote.

We've been working hard to stop them. But, now we've got to pull out all the stops. Your immediate financial help is essential as we launch an intensive effort with a powerful newspaper ad in next Tuesday's USA Today. Your donation can help deliver our message to 2.2 million people.


But when have Bush, Frist, et al, ever given half a shit about public opinion? And does our brain-dead populace even have any idea what a fillibuster is, much less an opinion on whether Bill Frist should prevent the Democrats from using it? Do they have the mental capacity to receive this "message"?

Let's not forget: America chose last November to continue its descent into neofascism. Now, this is just part of the descent. So what's the problem?

Donate if you want.


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