Saturday, May 21, 2005

News Items 

When Dean calls DeLay corrupt it's an outrage, but when Santorum--and not only Santorum but several others, it's an official GOP talking point--compares the entire Senate Democratic caucus to Nazis occupying France, no one bats an eye.

Britain releases documents showing (for the 70,000th time) that Bush lied the U.S. into war, and it goes unreported here. Now there's additional evidence from senior U.S. intelligence officials, and it's even made the front page of the Washington Post! Does anyone care?

Polls show people turning against the Senate Dems even more than the Senate Rethugs, even though a large majority of those same people claim they do not want the Senate rules changed. Does anyone understand anything?

There's no point in even providing links to these "news" items, since they're not news, they didn't occur. Nothing occurs. A veil of stupidity, amnesia, paralysis, and mindless oblivion has descended over the entire country. Behind this veil the fascists can do pretty much anything they want to. And they are.

Q: who will be the Democratic nominee for president in 2008?



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