Tuesday, May 10, 2005

They are here 

First the north MoCo wingnuts, now this :

Assembly Bill 8036 introduced on May 3, 2005 and referred to the Committee on Education, would require that "all pupils in grades kindergarten through twelve in all public schools in the state ... receive instruction in both theories of intelligent design and evolution." It also charges New York's commissioner of education to assist in developing curricula and local boards of education to provide "appropriate training and curriculum materials ... to ensure that all aspects of the theories, along with any supportive data, are fully examined through such course of study." A08036, if enacted, would take effect immediately. Richard Firenze, who teaches biology at Broome Community College, remarked, "This bill is completely absurd. Those of us in New York who are concerned about our children's science education should sit up and take notice: it's not just in places like Georgia and Kansas that creationists are trying to sabotage biology education."

Mr. Firenze, you are really too modest. You clearly suffer from the sane man's tendency to understate. After all even the bill's own sponsor doesn't think this bill is nearly as absurd as it could be:

The bill's sole sponsor, Daniel L. Hooker (R), represents Assembly District 127, encompassing parts of Greene, Otsego, Delaware, Schoharie, Ulster, Columbia, and Chenango counties. Hooker also recently introduced bills that would, if enacted, permit the display of the Ten Commandments on public buildings and grounds (A08073), declassify sexual orientation from civil right status (A07916), and prohibit the solemnization of same-sex marriages (A07723).

It seems like there's a couple plausible reactions to this news. The first and most obvious being panic and rage:


Thinking this makes me want to do something illegal and violent. Since I believe in the rule of law, and am a human-being capable of controlling myself somewhat, my reason will overcome my baser instincts of fight-or-flight. Thus Daniel L. Hooker (R) of Assembly District 127 will not die by my hand in the forseeable future.

You now owe your life to The Enlightenment, Daniel. You're welcome, you ignorant slut.

Turning to a less coronarily stimulating interpretation I'd have to say that my money is on this piece of legal offal getting voted down handily and then being used by Fox to prove how much sodomite New York hates people of faith.

Any other ideas about why someone would do this in one of the bluest of blue states?


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