Tuesday, May 10, 2005


The "news" from the WaPo:

Women Returning to Democratic Party, Poll Finds

Well no shit they're "returning"--who isn't, these days, what with all the cute 'n' fuzzy talk about economic stuff, and medical stuff, and retirement stuff?

But throw out a swift-boat ad and an orange terror alert or (god forbid) an actual terrorist incident allowed by Republicans via intention and/or negligence...and watch 'em go galloping back to Daddy's Ranch.

The last election proved, amazingly, that women are as stupid as men--and there's no evidence I've seen to indicate that anyone has gotten any smarter.

Update: I knew someone would call me out on the more basic point, as one of our commenters does:
No "return" needs to be postulated to explain the poll numbers. The poll numbers are in fact consistent with poll numbers since February, 2004, when the American people collectively and decisively rejected Bush. Their rejection of him has not changed since that time. Only one poll, on November 2, 2004, suggested that Bush had popular support. But that poll has been utterly discredited.
Obviously true. But my point still stands, since even though the election was stolen through computer fraud, it still appears to be a fact that women voted for Chimp in much larger numbers than they had in 2000.


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