Friday, June 17, 2005

Bill Moyers: Anti-christ 

I gather that some readers of this blog are regular listeners and viewers of public broadcasting. Surprise! In case you haven't heard already, you're about to get fucked:

Yesterday, the House Appropriations Committee voted to drastically cut funding to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. CPB is the US-tax payer funded agency that passes funds to public broadcasting stations in this country. The proposal to cut funding was authored by Ohio Republican Representative Ralph Regula and would eliminate $100 million in federal funding to CPB, 25% of the total allocation. Regula's proposal also calls for all federal funding to the CPB to be eliminated in two years. The cuts, if passed, would represent the most drastic cutback of public broadcasting since Congress created the nonprofit CPB in 1967.

Read more about it here.

Find out what to do about it here.


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