Monday, August 15, 2005

In case anyone gives a shit... 

...The 2004 election was stolen.

I'm not sure I give a shit anymore.

I'm sure if there was an AOL poll or something, over half of the respondents would be "opposed" to this information. Such "opposition" would thus render the information false or non-existent.

Maybe we can have a national referendum on whether or not to pay attention to the fact that the 2004 election was stolen. Probably 55% would be willing not to "oppose" this problem, and would go so far as to acknowledge it. But of course, the results would be manipulated, and it would be announced that a "slight but decisive" majority of Americans believed that the 2004 election was legitimate, thereby making it legitimate.

We should start having official referendums every 4 years on whether or not the USA is still a democracy. As long as voters maintain that it is, it is, right?


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