Friday, August 26, 2005

The 'Rotten Elites' and Kerry 

Digby has a great reflection on the generational post-traumatic stress disorder of the Democratic "Class of '72" (anti-war McGovern campaign) and their (d)evolution into the present ruling class of soulless inside-the-beltway establishment whores. He talks about Clinton vs. the Kewl Kidz, the Media Whore disdain for Gary Hart, Howard Dean, anyone outside the elite Club.

Interestingly, a reader comments:

So why did they hate Kerry so? He's got the right credentials, went to the right schools, spent 20 years as a senator.

So where did their loathing come from?

This comment made me think back. Did the Whore Establishment hate Kerry so much? After their ritual sacrifice of Dean, they seemed downright jubilant (at least for a while) over the nomination of Kerry. It's true, they collaborated, as they always will, in much of the shit-slinging of the Right-Wing Shit-Slinging machine. They may not have liked Kerry--after all, they prefer the stupid to the smart and the cynical to the earnest--but they didn't hate him, didn't fear him.

The way I remember it, the Whore Establishment had pretty much resigned itself to seeing Kerry elected. And not, perhaps, unhappily. They were ready to let Bush go.

And what happened? Kerry was elected. The voters let Bush go.

But a Whore Establishment quietly pulling for Kerry does not, of course, translate into a Whore Establishment willing to talk about anything as distasteful and unkewl as, say, election fraud.


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