Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Why does Cindy Sheehan hate the Bible? 

Today, watching channel 3 in Champion, PA, I watched the president of the Cornerstone Broadcasting Network in conversation with the author of "American Prophecies." The latter man cited a passage from Revelations that refers to "Babylon" (Iraq) being "punished" (invaded) for its "sins" (Saddam/not being under U.S. control). Isn't it astonishing how this "Biblical prophecy" has been "fulfilled" by America, God's kingdom on earth?

In other news, a message from Drive Democracy:
We were honored when Cindy Sheehan appeared at our April event at Riverside Church in New York City. We were thrilled when Cindy traveled with our national barnstorming tour, and we are today proud to have DriveDemocracy members in Crawford with Cindy as she camps outside President George W. Bush's ranch, demanding to talk with Bush about the death of her son, Casey Sheehan, in Iraq.

You may have seen some of the extensive media coverage of Cindy's courageous campaign. We urge everyone to consider traveling to Crawford to support Cindy. She will camp there on that lonely road throughout Bush's vacation until the president meets with her. She could use our continued support. (Directions to Cindy's HQ "Camp Casey" in Crawford are at the bottom of this email or get more links at the DD blog).

Even as that drama unfolds, DriveDemocracy is completing its plans for a Nashville rally next Sunday where we will offer alternative voices to the religious extremists and their "Justice Sunday II." We are within range of our fundraising goal. If you haven't yet contributed, please consider helping out on this critical initiative. Please click here to contribute: https://www.onlinecontribution.com/drivedemocracy/

And in case any of you want to go to Camp Casey, here are the directions:

Directions to "Camp Casey" where Cindy Sheehan is attempting to meet with President Bush. From McGregor (highway 84 and 317), drive north to Crawford (6.3 miles), turn left onto West Fifth at intersection and drive .3 miles to Praire Chapel Road, turn right. Drive 4.9 miles to Camp Casey. You can get details from the Crawford Peace House, 254-486-0099, http://www.crawfordpeacehouse.org/.

As for "Justice Sunday II"--if any of you haven't been watching "Christian" TV for the past while, rest assured that the gloating over God's having personally intervened in the 2004 election so as to deliver unto "God's people" (Bush voters) a righteous victory against bedeviling odds (and evidently against all math), has not abated a bit.


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