Thursday, September 08, 2005


Looks like someone's got the right idea.

March to Bushville, DC on 9/11/05

On 9/11 survivors of Katrina will commit a
act of Civil Disobedience:
building an encampment on the Washington DC Mall.

Spread the word and join us.

We will post info here as we progress.
It’s up to you to be creative and spread this link:

See you on the Mall on 9/11.

Bushville, DC:

Imagine 1,000 Katrina survivors camped on Bush’s doorstep.

Camped in the seat of power and media.

They will be in the Government’s face.

They will have endless stories for the press.

They will be the FACT that even George Bush can’t bluster away.

They will stay there as long as it takes.
-Through Rumsfield’s 9/11 Reichstock Freedom March
-Through the Katrina investigations
-Through the shame of Rovestock.
-Through the Supreme Court Hearings
-Through Bush’s last days of office - soon.
-Through the rebuilding of our government’s ability to protect us.

On 9/11 Bush will try to blindfold us with our own American flag.

Founding Bushville-DC on 9/11 will honor ALL the victims of America’s tragedies.

Help us by telling your friends about www.bushville.org


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