Thursday, September 01, 2005


Obviously, all of the posts below, including those made this morning, are now out of date. The scope of the disaster is changing by the second, and the nature of the news coverage has changed as virtually everyone, including the reporters who are human beings, has recognized the horror of what is going on and the brutal and macabre nature of the Bush administration's incompetence.

The reports being broadcast on CNN from the Convention Center are so sad, so frightening.

In case anyone is not aware that this natural disaster is also, shamefully and sickeningly, a man-made disaster of the first order, please immediately go read Atrios and Talkingpointsmemo, and also visit the Talkingpointsmemo cafe. I cannot possibly list the myriad callous obscenities performed and uttered by the Bush administration, both before and after the hurricane hit. Blaming the poor black people for being poor, insisting that they were too stupid to leave when they obviously couldn't afford it and had nowhere to go, wishing that they would hurry up and perish, and at the same time pretending that "no one could have anticipated any of this"--this is all just the tip of the iceberg.

P.S.: Condoleeza Rice was seen TODAY going shoe-shopping on 5th Avenue. Last night she attended a performance of "Spamalot" on Broadway. THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

P.P.S.: Employees of the Department of HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES received e-mails TODAY reminding them to enjoy themselves at the Sept. 11 Freedom Walk and the subsequent free concert by Clint Black.

My God...


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