Thursday, September 01, 2005

A Judgment, A Cleansing, A Great Awakening 

Here's another thought: On the Cornerstone Theofascist Broadcasting Network yesterday, the president of the network was talking about the awful catastrophe in New Orleans, and what an amazing opportunity it presented to "change" the victims involved. His guest--a Christian "therapist" well-armed with the touchy-feely vocabulary of the materialist secular culture--pointed out that although now was the time to sympathize and not to judge, there would indeed soon come a time, during the recovery, when we should act to "direct" the victims to "a different choice" and "a different place." The president of CBN then pointed out that people generally didn't change unless they were made to feel pain. Pain spurs change. And change is necessary. Thus the pain is ultimately good.

Isn't this the absolute nexus between the "Christian" theofascists and the Grover Norquist corporatist fascists? I.e., "make people suffer until they hate the government enough to help us dismantle it." Maybe the "lucky duckies" in the low marginal tax brackets will now learn the important lesson that the government can't help them--only "they" can "help themselves."


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