Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Knives sharpened for "Chertoff" 

This is very surprising. The Washington Post, which has up till now given little original reporting on Katrina and has been publishing staff editorials chastising Democrats for being too "gleeful" at the "appearance" of Bush's inadequacy, has now placed a serious analysis under a big headline on the front page of the website. The upshot is that the entity known by the phonemic series "Michael Chertoff" was responsible for the whole government disaster-response plan. The headline, as of 9:20 on Wednesday morning, was "Michael Brown Was Set Up." The Post apparently will not be satisfied with ritualistic sacrifices of scapegoats. (That Brown deserves it is not the point; he is a scapegoat insofar as he is being made to carry the guilt of others in addition to his own.)


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