Thursday, September 08, 2005


Last week, a hurricane struck New Orleans, a major American port city. The Federal government did nothing to assist in evacuations of the city before the storm; and it did nothing after the storm to bring aid to stranded and homeless survivors. Thousands and thousands of people died, and the entire city was destroyed. Government officials blamed the victims of the storm for remaining in the city; they insisted that all necessary help was being delivered even as Emergency Management Agency employees refused to enter the disaster zone, and even as reporters provided live television footage of the desperate, dying, and dead; and they promised that survivors found foraging for food would be exterminated. Some local officials expressed concern for the fate of New Orleans, and there is currently a national "debate" occurring as to whether the Federal government's "response" to the hurricane was appropriate. Meanwhile, multi-billion dollar reconstruction contracts are being drawn up between the Federal government and companies run by the friends and business associates of Federal officials.


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