Friday, September 30, 2005

Roberts probably a criminal in addition to being an asshole and a closeted gay 

It is known that Roberts was appointed Chief Justice of the United States as payment for the services he provided the Bush campaign during the 2000 Florida recount. What exactly did he do for Bush (apart from the obvious--swallowing Bush's shit, submitting to rape, etc.)?

See this article for photographs strongly suggesting that John Roberts was among the mob that intimidated the Miami-Dade board of elections into cancelling their recount in 2000, thereby cancelling the future of the United States.

Would seeing these photos have changed the minds of the Democrats who voted for Roberts?

Remember when Bush got on national television after the Florida Supreme Court had ordered the state-wide recount, and declared that "it is the duty of the legislative branch to write the law, and it is the duty of the executive branch to interpret it"?

Funny. I wonder how John Roberts felt when he heard Bush say that. Did he feel like his judicial vocation was being dishonored? Oh, right, I forgot--at that time Roberts was just another two-bit political hack who probably had no thought of being Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Unless he knew, as I guess he probably must have, that there's no difference these days between judge, lobbyist, hack propagandist, marketer, advance-man, and hit-man.

Bush probably still doesn't know that "execute" can mean anything other than violently disposing of the retarded blacks and the other losers, like Karla Faye Tucker, who have infested the cells of Texas correctional facilities.


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