Saturday, September 03, 2005

A Statement of Principle 

In the midst of chaos, degradation, and moral bankruptcy, it is crucial to find a principle to which people of good will can adhere. A principle serves as a starting point, and a place to which to return. All useful policies must be based upon clear and stable principles. Only principles that are themselves based upon truth can attain clarity and stability. Indeed, one can say that a principle is nothing other than the articulation of the truth.

In attempting to recover from the Katrina disaster, it will be essential for citizens to have a firm grasp of the truth of the situation. Everyone must understand exactly what has happened. This is necessary not only to prevent the disaster from recurring, but also, and more importantly, in order to judge the authority of the claims of the victims. In the coming years, hundreds of thousands of people will continue to suffer as a result of this disaster. Many will be homeless for the indefinite future. They have nothing, and will continue to require government assistance. The public and the government must appreciate the authority of the claims made by these people. Such appreciation will require the clear recognition of what has happened to these people.

The truth is that they are victims not only of the hurricane, but also of the shockingly cruel and callously incompetent Federal response to the hurricane. The truth is that these people have been betrayed by the entire Federal government. This fact must always be remembered in the coming years, as the population at large is called upon to assist in the recovery.

This truth will not be remembered in the future if it is not acknowledged as soon as possible. The government itself must acknowledge this truth if it is to make a useful contribution to the disaster that it has helped to bring about. George Bush must acknowledge this truth. But if he does make this acknowledgment, he will have to resign immediately from the Office of President. The immediate resignation of Bush and his cabinet is in fact the only way for the government to acknowledge its role in the disaster. For the sake of the recovery of New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf Coast region, it is essential that Bush and his cabinet immediately resign.


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