Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Daily News Blows Miller's Cover 

After reading my post below, please see this article by the New York Daily News, which, as Blicero has pointed out to me, is now, somehow, the most important periodical news publication on the earth.

In this article, we are told that the White House Iraq Group, the group designed to "sell" the war, was funneling stories to Judith Miller. Not so surprising. But notice exactly what the Daily News' source says: that she was "a charter member of the group." The choice of words is not accidental. Miller was not just the group's mouthpiece, or its dupe. She was part of the group. The person who placed the explosive Saddam Hussein/Mushroom Cloud stories on the pages of the "liberal New York Times" was committed to bringing about the war--and this commitment was not just a matter of her personal convictions. She was part of a conspiracy that was committed to bringing about the war. The Daily News' source would not have said that she was "a charter member" if this was not precisely what he meant.

One of the central purposes of the war conspiracy, which also involved the Niger forgeries (probably prepared by Iran-Contra veterans), was taking over the press. Dominating the press was not just a way of advancing the conspiracy. It was one of the conspiracy's fundamental raisons d'etre. Judith Miller was the White House mole in the offices of the New York Times. (Though I would not rule out the possibility that she maintains other allegiances, also.)

The editor and publisher of the Times know that they were brutally deceived, and that if this fact gets out, the Times will never recover. That's why they absurdly insisted that Miller was a martyr for the First Amendment. It was a desperate attempt to hide the fact that the most respected American newspaper had actually been taken over by the White House.

If you have not read Miller's first-person account of her testimony, go do it. It seems, in places, perfunctory. But when you get to the end, you will see, I think, that Miller is playing a truly bizarre and perhaps forever mysterious game.


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