Saturday, November 26, 2005

Another proclamation from the evangelists of the new gospel of pseudo-pagan blood-worship... 

(Otherwise known as the editors of the Washington "Feed us blood so we can be energized by an infusion of strength from the rent bodies of our mutilated fighting men" Post)

"From Wounds, Inner Strength: Some Veterans Feel Englarged by Wartime Suffering"

...Eighteen months after Caesar's right leg was mangled by a roadside bomb near Baghdad, and after weeks of coming to terms with what he thought was the end of his life, the former Army staff sergeant believes he has emerged a richer person -- wiser, more compassionate and more appreciative of life.

Asked whether he would endure it all again, he replied: "The guys I served with were awesome guys. . . . I would go through it again -- for the guys that I served with. Yes. Absolutely. I wouldn't change it for the world."

Although the shattering psychological impact of war is well known, experts have become increasingly interested in those who emerge from combat feeling enhanced. Some psychiatrists and psychologists believe that those soldiers have experienced a phenomenon known as "post-traumatic growth," or "adversarial" growth .

Although war left him with a leg of plastic and steel, Caesar, 28, of Silver Spring, appears to be among those who return home with psyche intact and a sense that they are in some mysterious way improved.

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