Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Death-Echo Chamber Alive and Well 

Don't be fooled: just because a lot of language that appeals to our political sensibilities is currently, finally, circulating through the Media Death Machine, it's still the MDM, and it is not good for us.

From a new AP story on Plamegate and Bush's bad news, etc.:

The case cuts at the president's hard-earned credibility.

What credibility? WHAT credibility? Bush has never done anything but lie, whine, pule, permit the murder of American citizens, and loot the treasury.

In New York he stood on a pile of corpses created by him and vomited into a bullhorn. WHAT CREDIBILITY?

Update: I overlooked the very "words" this goddamned article opens with:

The building blocks of President Bush's career _ his credibility and image as a strong and competent leader _ have been severely undercut by self-inflicted wounds, leading close allies to fret about his presidency. They say he's lost his way.

Sorry--what exactly has been "severely undercut"?


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