Friday, November 25, 2005

The Inhuman Arts 

A special holiday message from Jerry Foster:

Address: 152 - 3 - 8 Indah Mas, 3 1/2
Mile,56000 Kuala Lumpur,

Dearest in Christ,

I have written to you,based on your spiritual understanding and committal to God and His work.

I want to extend to you a giving opportunity of partnering with us,to achieving a vision and a mandate giving to us by God,which are stated below:

My name is:Jerry Foster,a leader of a christian ophanage home, called :CHOSEN PEOPLE ORPHANAGE HOME {CPOH}.Situated here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

We are focused on ensuring,that no soul is lost,as every soul is important to God.Malaysia is a country that is mainly Buhdaism, Hinduism and majorly Islamism.Christianity is yet to take a stand here in Malaysia.As a result,many children who have decided to give their lives to God,because of the power of the Gospel,are either thrown out of their parental homes or disowned by their parents.

Therefore,making these children of wanting to regret of accepting Jesus,because of their none parental christian believes.A lot of efforts have been made to stopping the inhuman arts and bringing to their notice the right of these children of what and what not to believe but,all effort has been bashed against a stone. In other not to allow the work we have started,that is gaining
grounds to slide away because of some parents attitudinal injustice towards the right of their innocent children;my team and I have decided to pledge our lives towards ensuring,that these children were not left homeless.A lot of funds have been raised to secure a rented apartment aready so that these children can be fed and sheltered.

We have decided to play the part of their parents totaly in other to fulfil God's plans in their lives.In other to play this part successfuly,we have maped out strategies on how we can achieve our plans,which are:

1.Sending them to good school,so they can aquire a good and sound education .

2.Purchase of a parmanent parcel of land and the erection of it proper,where these children can parmanently be raised in the christian Ethics.To also enjoy what they would have enjoyed if
they were with their parents.We are also going to create a recreational centres in the proposed site,so they can feel at home. All the above,was estimated to be about Two Million Ringit
(RM 2.000.000)equivalent to Five Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollars($550.000)

I am using this medium to solicit for your kind christian support and partnership,to partner with us,so we can realy achieve every of our plans towards these children.

I do know,that this is a kind of burden that am casting on you at this very time,but you will agree with me,that a life spent without affecting others,was spent wrongly.With your little financial support you can give others a smillng face.And that's what counts in HEAVEN. My wonderful beloved,do not see it as a burden,rather see it as an oppurtunity to put a smile on peoples face.

If God has touch your heart and you would want to be apart of this, please reply as urgent as u can,so I can tell you how to go about it. Thank you so very much as you give your surpot.

Please note: We are not asking of all the sum from you.Even a cent can go a long way to assisting us.

May God's Infinite Mercy rest upon you as you go through my submission. And I'am looking forward to your usual generosity.

Jerry Foster.


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