Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Shit crashes into violently spinning fan 

Good Christ.

Woodward was the first reporter to receive the Plame leak.

He didn't tell his editors, or anyone else, until the leaker told Fitzgerald--after the Libby indictment.

All the while, Woodward has pooh-poohed the whole investigation, claiming that the leak caused no damage, claiming that Fitzgerald is a "junk-yard dog prosecutor," claiming that we'll all be "laughing" about it in a few years.

And all the while, he was hiding the fact that he received the leak before anyone else. Hiding it, as if it were a highly damaging secret. Which it is.

This has nothing to do with confidentiality. He didn't even mention to his own bosses or colleagues that he had received the information well before the Novak column. He certainly could have shared this information with colleagues without revealing the identity of the shit-spigot.

And now he claims that he DID tell the super-reliable Walter Pincus--the best reporter on this story, from the very beginning--about this ur-defecation. And now the super-reliable Walter Pincus says that Woodward never told him any such thing.

Why is Woodward lying?

Because he was covering the ass of someone in the junta. And then Fitzgerald put that someone in a vice, and that someone told him about the Woodward conversation.

And then Fitzgerald subpoenaed Woodward, who was forced to testify on November 3.

And then Woodward had to come clean to his bosses about the fact that he was covering the ass of someone in the junta.

Who? Why?


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