Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"Fiend" for President 

Why haven't ALL congressional Democrats announced their support for John Conyers' resolution calling for the censure of the asshole-birth and Cheney, and for a formal investigation (possibly leading to impeachment) into the wire-tapping and other crimes?

Because the Democrats are incompetent cowards. They are useless idiots and terrified appeasers. They are NOT REDEEMABLE. We can all vote for the designated and willing loser in 2008, and we probably should. Why not? But we should NOT waste another SECOND talking or even thinking about who that loser will be. It is over. The Democrat party is over. Good riddance. Who- or whatever gets us out of this frozen septic tank, it will not be the Democrat party. There will have to be another way.

Of course I have no idea what it will be. All I do know is that Peter Braunstein, the New York sociopath who set fire to a woman's apartment and then disguised himself as a fireman so he could enter it and assault her sexually, has more courage than Hillary Clinton. Clinton's presidential candidacy is finished--which of course does not at all preclude her winning the nomination of the Democrat party.

She cannot recover from her efforts at "triangulating" on the war/national security "issue" (as if it were possible to "triangulate" between a suicide bomber and his victims). She now has to support Bush until the end, and congratulate him when he withdraws. Perhaps she's planning to criticize him for withdrawing too soon, and to claim that she could have "won" the war. That would be about as convincing as Clinton's recent announcement that she favors a bill that would ban flag burning (though of course she doesn't favor the constitutional amendment that the wingnuts always have at the ready).

While Clinton has been making a fool of herself, Braunstein has courageously led authorities on a nation-wide chase. Before his recent capture in Tennessee, he stabbed himself theatrically in the throat. The wounds were not fatal.

Braunstein's behavior seems to follow the kind of ethical code that I have learned to associate with the best representatives of the Democrat party, like Gary Condit and Michael Jackson. And anyone that can be called "fiend" on the front pages of both the NY Daily News and the NY Post, on the same day, has got to be on the right track. "Fiend" is the word that both of these tabloids use, insistently, for designated hate-objects: Iraqi insurgents and terrorists, cop-killers, and child-absuers. Only when the Democrats are willing to be called "fiends" will I ever have any trust in them again.

A fiend.

Of course it goes without saying that the asshole-birth has infinitely less conscience and intelligence than does Braunstein. The asshole-birth is guilty of far more heinous crimes, and he is not even capable of feeling guilt or any other kind of emotion. The kind of wild, desperate, demented appeal enacted by Braunstein right before his arrest--stabbing himself in the throat as his pursuers closed in--obviously reflects a moral sensibility infinitely more profound and subtle than the asshole-birth's.


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