Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Back from the dead! 

There is a strange drama going on at the Washington Post, which keeps on restoring the hundreds of allegedly obscene comments on post.blog regarding Deborah Howell's incompetence. For more details, see jukeboxgrad's diary at Daily Kos. Now, all but SIX of the hundreds of intolerable comments have been restored. Jukeboxgrad apparently has these six, and they are fairly innocuous.

Anyway, my comment never actually appeared, as I submitted it, coincidentally enough, at the exact time that the shut-down occured. But now my comment has been restored, and it is actually at the very top of the list. So if you visit the "Deborah Howell Responds" entry at post.blog right now (who knows what will happen tomorrow?) you can read what I wrote, prominently displayed. Nothing special, but it is there.


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