Saturday, January 28, 2006

Here we go 

Homeland Security To Build Detention Camps In The United States

KBR announced today that the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) component has awarded KBR an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contingency contract to support ICE facilities in the event of an emergency. KBR is the engineering and construction subsidiary of Halliburton (NYSE:HAL).


The contract, which is effective immediately, provides for establishing temporary detention and processing capabilities to augment existing ICE Detention and Removal Operations (DRO) Program facilities in the event of an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S., or to support the rapid development of new programs. The contingency support contract provides for planning and, if required, initiation of specific engineering, construction and logistics support tasks to establish, operate and maintain one or more expansion facilities.

The contract may also provide migrant detention support to other U.S. Government organizations in the event of an immigration emergency, as well as the development of a plan to react to a national emergency, such as a natural disaster. In the event of a natural disaster, the contractor could be tasked with providing housing for ICE personnel performing law enforcement functions in support of relief efforts.

I'm sorry. An "emergency influx of immigrants"? And how and why and when and where would something like this happen? And if this is a danger then why is this program only now being instituted? Hm?

This also is very interesting:

The U.S. Army changes rules on capital punishment. Executions -- rare in modern-day military annals, although more are in the works -- could now be held outside Fort Leavenworth, Kan. Opponents fear executions in places far from the public eye.

The Army claims
there's no plan to build execution chambers at Guantanamo. However, they won't say why they want the rules changed; why Leavenworth is insufficient.

What sort of community do you live in?


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