Wednesday, January 11, 2006

John "Lampshade" Cornyn 

Anyone who heard it knows what I'm talking about.

Details when they post the transcript.

Update: Sorry for the error before...Jon Kyl, John Cornyn, whatever. OK, so here's what Krazy Cornyn said:

CORNYN: Judge Alito, let me tell you how desperate your opponents are to defeat your nomination. Late last Wednesday or excuse me, last Thursday, a name of a witness was listed relative to this whole issue of Concerned Alumni at Princeton that included the name of a man named Steven Dujack. Does that name familiar to you?

ALITO: Not other than from seeing a witness list.

CORNYN: Well, by the end of the day on Friday, his name was gone from the witness list of those witnesses intended to be called by the other party.

As it turned out, it was revealed that in April of 2003 that he had authored an op-ed piece for the Los Angeles Times entitled "Animals Suffer A Perpetual Holocaust." And in that article he wrote this, he said, "like the victims of the Holocaust, animals are rounded up, trucked hundreds of miles to the kill floor and slaughtered.

"Comparisons to the Holocaust are not only appropriate, but inescapable because whether we wish to admit it or not, cows, chickens, pigs and turkeys are capable of feeling loneliness, fear, pain, joy, and affection as we are. To those who defend the modern day Holocaust on animals by saying animals are slaughtered for food to give us sustenance, I ask: If the victims of the Holocaust had been eaten would that justify the abuse and murder?

"Did the fact that lamp shades, soaps and other useful products were made from their bodies excuse the Holocaust? No. Pain is pain."

Judge Alito, I read that to point out to you the desperation of your opponents.


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