Sunday, January 29, 2006

"Not quite human" 

Earlier listening to the criminal enterprise NPR's criminal radio program "On the Media"--subject was the history of presidents concealing bad news about their health. John Adams (I think) had a secret rubber jaw, Roosevelt's polio, LBJ's gallbladder scar...and then they get to Bush.

How can the subject of Bush's "health" possibly be broached in this context?

The criminal political scientist guest only acknowledged that the pretzel incident was rather mysterious...but the only interpretation offered (to explain both the pretzel incident AND Bush's wire setup during the 2004 debates) was that he might suffer from the same cardiac arythmia his father has.

Yeah--that's it. A little arhythmia. Nothing concerning alcoholism or any other type of addiction or mental illness even mentioned.

So the erudite guest is asked why, in his opinion, the public hasn't shown more curiosity about the state of Bush's health.

His answer? Because Bush was seen as a "heroic" figure and "not quite human," and so not "susceptible to the same kinds if illnesses that the rest of us are." Oh, and also the public, in the professor's opinion, simply respected Bush's right to privacy. You know--the way, in our day and age, a president's "privacy" is just sort of inherently respected.

Does this criminal idiot even recognize the suicidal irony of what he's saying? How right he is on the "not quite human" part--and how, since 2000, there has been an outright conspiracy to force the media--if they want to keep their jobs--to pretend that the very qualities which make Bush a animate shit-sculpture are in fact what make him "heroic"?


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