Sunday, January 22, 2006

res ipsa loquitur...again! 

Saddam Hussein's defense against his indictment by an ad hoc Iraqi tribunal is simply that has the head of the state he had unlimited power to defend the state. That enemies of the state did not have legal protection, and therefore he cannot be charged for what he did during that time.

via BopNews

Also, in the non-self refuting argument department:

Any Glenn Greenwald fans (ahem...Rat), might want to check out David Luban's sterling takedown of Harvey Mansfield's defense of King Bush over at Balkinization. Mansfield is an eminent Straussian and holder of a named Chair at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. He is also apparently ignorant of 10th grade civics. But really, why go to the trouble of learning anything when Scaife is paying by the word?

So would Harvey Mansfield be more aptly compared to a Mandarin or a Pharisee? Discuss.


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