Tuesday, January 31, 2006

things just work differently over there 

SusanG has an excellent interview series with Daniel Ellsberg up over at Kos. The whole thing is very worthwhile.

I particularly liked this observation:

[Ellsberg:] I could even conjecture that that's why Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is being so provocative about his nuclear program and Israel. I'm not sure he's totally averse to an attack. It would almost surely strengthen him politically.

Well, it did Bush here, didn't it, with 9/11?

Good point. Instead of saying, My god, how could this man let this happen ... You know, that's a good comparison. The way that the administration reasons about attacks on other countries, 9/11 here should have brought about regime change in the U.S., rather than greater popularity for Bush.

A lil' sumthin' for the next time you hear some idjit tell you that bombing Iran will make the masses rise up and oust their theocratic totalitarian government.


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