Friday, January 13, 2006

Wedgemas in January 

And so at long last The Others were conquered and the land was taken. And great exurbs were built upon the land. But there was stirring in the land as The Others returned to till the exurbs and harvest her fruits. The Others were fruitful and multiplied. Thus unto us a mighty Wedge was born:

...at the end of the day these employer-sanction provisions [against employing illegal immigrants] are where all the meat is in the immigration debate. Quite specifically, that's where the business and cultural wings of the Republican Party part ways on the immigration topic. Boehner sides with the business wing, but doesn't seem prepared to admit that he's on their side. I imagine we'll see more intra-Republican clashes around this territory throughout 2006.

Hosannas to prophets of the Wedge -- Digby and Neiwert.


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