Sunday, January 22, 2006

"Why do you hate our children?" 

Bush is attempting to get Google to turn over a broad range of information from its databases because Justice “needed the information to prepare its case to revive the 1998 Child Online Protection Act, which the Supreme Court blocked from taking effect two years ago,” according to WaPo. Color me suspicious.

We know that in Bush’s spying program the information the NSA obtains is passed on to other government agencies, “which cross-check the information with tips and information collected in other databases,” according to current and former administration officials. So, the NSA dumps the information into a database that is at least accessible to the DIA, FBI, CIA, and Department of Homeland Security. Share and share alike, it seems. As a result, it doesn’t matter how or why the information gets dumped into the database. Once it’s there, the agencies have access to it.

Given how the information-sharing works, then, the child porn rationale may be mere political cover. Bush has another avenue to spy on “dangerous” Americans, but when pressed on the issue, Bush can deflect by saying that he’s just trying to protect our children. I mean, if Bush is only worried about child porn, why is Justice asking for, among other things, “all searches entered on Google during any one-week period” (my emphasis). Remember that this request is a narrower version of what Justice originally asked for, according to its motion. Even this “narrow” request is absurdly overbroad --unless Bush intends to use the information for purposes other than those related to preparing its Child Online Protection Act case.

I can already hear Bush’s three-pronged defense: 1) “Trust me,” he will implore; 2) “If you’re not doing anything wrong, you don’t have anything to worry about;” and 3) “Why do you hate our children?”  


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